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Obstructive Charges Attorney in Vancouver, Washington

Obstructive crimes, meaning crimes committed against government employees, like police officers or hospital workers, are very serious because prosecutors tend to prosecute them more vigorously. For this reason, if you are accused of an obstructive crime, it is absolutely imperative that you speak to a defense attorney right away.

At our firm, we have significant experience with obstructive crimes, including obstructing a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest, assault in the third degree, malicious mischief in the first degree (damaging government equipment, usually a police car), felony harassment (threatening a government official), witness tampering, destruction of evidence, making a false statement to a public servant, and interfering with a healthcare facility. If you are facing one of these charges or any other obstructive charge, call today for a free consultation. We will help you come up with a plan to achieve the best result possible.

Dealing with Obstructive Charges?