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About Attorney Dan Mellen

Attorney Dan Mellen

When Dan Mellen passed Washington’s bar exam, there was no question about what type of law he would practice. Criminal defense was his only interest then and still is today. Even after representing more than 1,000 clients, attorney Mellen considers this field of law the most important practice area that exists.

He is passionate about protecting his clients’ rights, and it shows. He has established a strong reputation throughout the Clark and Cowlitz counties for his aggressive legal strategies and vast understanding of the law. Whether you need a skilled negotiator or a trial-tested attorney, he has the experience you need to defend your interests.

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What You Can Expect As A Client Of Dan Mellen

Time is not on your side when you are facing a criminal charge. Attorney Mellen understands this fact. When you retain Dan Mellen Attorney at Law, he will work swiftly to build your case. He tirelessly pursues all leads to locate the information that supports your version of events.

As a former prosecutor, attorney Mellen uses his background to anticipate the other side’s arguments, find weaknesses in their claims and negotiate for favorable terms. Not all criminal defense lawyers have this insight, which can make all the difference in the outcome you receive.

As a client of Dan Mellen Attorney at Law, you can expect dedicated, strategic representation. You should expect nothing less when your future, reputation and liberty are on the line.

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